SMOLT! Commandments

  1. Thou shalt almost always go with your first answer.
  2. In questions of numbers, the difference shall be torn asunder.
  3. In all things, the majority rules. This do in honor of SMOLT!
  4. Thou shalt keep the 3rd law holy by not running to the restroom.
  5. Thou shalt not observe the grading of the Holy Answers.
  6. Thou shall not observe the graven images before the appointed hour.
  7. Thou shalt not take SMOLT!'s name in vain.
  8. When in doubt, call upon SMOLT! and one of the answers, Kenny Chesney, Khyber Pass or Manchester United shall be given unto thee
  9. Thou shalt heed the voices of the QUIZMASTERS.
  10. Thou shalt not be paranoid. They are not out to get thee.

Pub trivia can now be found at Friar Tucks Pub in Cotati! Every Tuesday, starting at 7:00 pm.

SMOLT! is a way of being. It's a way of life. It's trivia played at its best.

Introducing SPRAT!, SMOLT!S trivia cousin! SPRAT! can be found at Aqus Cafe in Petalum. Aqus Café’s legendary ‘Trivia with Lesley’ night, taking place every third Thursday of the month from 7 pm to 9 pm.


SMOLT! Statistics
Date Place $ Prize Notes Despised by other teams
6/13/12 Can one achieve absolute zero? Nada Beraz, gaizki sucked dugu, iruzkin hau euskaraz idatzi behar izan zuen. Ez zen bakarrik sus ojos pena eta tristura hitzak softly hitz egiten.
5/22/12 2 Food, glorious food Full SMOLT! team with special guest Joe, who was taking off to the glorious lack-0-sun northwest. SMOLT! solved the "Who is singing that godawful music" by guessing it was Oates and Hall. Quizmaster had been taunting players with that jingle for 5 years. No! It was pure love. SMOLT! had been missed (or at least our money had been)
3/13/12 2 Food Fish Julie out for the evening, guest-fish Melissa swam in the school. Strong team gameplay held upper division results for most of the game until self destructing in the accursed Music Round. At least two instances of schlassy answers! Nothing but love in the room. Several teams commented how they missed SMOLT! We're still happy to take their money... There was a screwed SMOLT! entry
1/31/12 1 $60? We forget but it was green. Full SMOLT! team was in attendance and on fire. A small smoldering fire in last place for many of the rounds until the last round. SMOLT! team member Rick pulled the motto of the FBI out of .. somewhere to a glorious victory by a single point! Fun fact: Jimmy Carter pardoned Patty Hearst. Who then went on to have a fabuous film career working with John Waters. No hatred this evening, everyone was mellow......
11/15/11 Tied for 2nd
Money back Christine, Julie, Ross and John were joined by guest-fish Jenny. No major game play errors, and even had a perfect Round 5 score (complete with a schlassy answer) Final round proved a bit sticky, and once again, sparts proved to be an Achilles Heel. Multi-round tie-breaking questions grew wearying, and ultimately Smolt! got most of the final question right, but to no avail. Good vibes in the room as all teams were roundly applauded in final scoring.
11/1/11 4 nuhting    
10/25/11 4 Less than nuthing Don't remember Although SMOLT!'s webmaster is foggy, she is sure there was overwhelming pity at poor SMOLT!.
10/4/11 3 Money Back Close game, tied for 2nd, 1 place a mere 1 point away! 35 rounds* of the tie breaker was finally ended with guessing the quimasters weight. (*perhaps not 35 questions but it was a lot) EVen with the rain, everyone in good spirits. Quizmaster welcomed SMOLT back and comented that he missed us greatly. Well perhaps not those exact words but it was in his eyes.
Forgot, September? Forgot Forgot SMOLT! arrived ready to rumble only to discover SMOLT! team member Ross would unable to attend. SMOLT then proceded to drown their sorrows in liquid freshement. Liquid refreshment = dont rememebr a darn thing.
8/09/11 4th (aka loserville) Nuthing! 3 SMOLTs were MIA, replaced for the evening by the talented and lovely Michael, Felicia and Dawnelle. No major mistakes, just a little rusty. News of our demise was greatly exaggerated. SMOLT! has spent much of the summer on the sun-kissed beaches of Mexico, the historical and delicious Italy and the extravagance of the Santa Rosa Mall. SMOLT!S return was annouced with a thunderous clapping of 3 people.
6/28/11 Its complicated We think it was $6 Almost full fish force present; First Mate was MIA. SMOLT! helped break in a new quiz-master by confounding him with our ability to tie with other teams... over and over. In fact, after the sixth (or fourth) tie-breaking question, everybody kind of just threw up their flippers and called it a night. There was a Screwed Smolt entry that might have given us the win!! Not much love from the Beer-Pong guys, who didn't appreciate the Pub Quiz running so long. Tough! SMOLT Team member Christine was outed as a Comic geek.
5/17/11 6 or 7 Imagine a bright center to the Universe, we were the point farthest from it. SMOLT! was too distraught over the breakup of the marriage of California's former First Couple to think straight. Who could? Ve'll be bahck!
5/3/11 4 Just like the lighter – zippo It was a soggy night, outside and in, and SMOLT! forgot their mental galoshes. Osama Who? Even deep-sixed, SMOLT! is despised more…
4/19/11 3 A Thomas Jefferson The first game with our two displaced fish, Commodore Sparky and his First Mate. Touch and go for a bit, but a rally at the end yielded placing in the finals

They hate it when we come in from behind; that's what she said.
This weeks submission written by Dublin Jack, Webmaster has nothing to do with it.

3/8/11 Not 1,2 or 3 Nuthing! SMOLT! webmaster just cant remember. Always
3/1/11 1 SMOLT! choose the coupons. But its the glory not the prize! Pretend this write up is witty! Always!
2/8/11 2
Fish Sticks! Well played game by the fish (including a perfect score in the final round!), but competition was fierce. Unfortunately, SMOLT!! was screwed out of a victory on a technicality regarding a song lyric, losing bragging rights, but gaining a free dinner. SMOLT!! was delighted to be booed during a score tabulation announcement. Good honest hatred; most refreshing! Gang Green offset this public loathing by forming Valentine hearts with their hands and reminding the fish that they "heart" SMOLT!!
SMOLT! little fish hearts swelled with the love!
1/25/11 Not First, Second or Third Let's put it this way, is there anything below zero? SMOLT! member Julie was unavailable. John, a SMOLT! Spouse, stepped in; team assumed the Presidential alias "State of the Smolt". No major mistakes, just befuddlement and consternation after a protracted winter hiatus. At least the chilli bowl and chicken strips were tasty. Several table visits from opposing teams - so much love for SMOLT!! Other teams have been practicing, apparently. SMOLT! will lull them into a state of complacency and pummel them in the future!
12/21/11 2 Food! All mellow! The Christmas spirit was in the house!
November-ish 3 Money Back As god is my witness, I do not remember what happened, or that turkeys could fly. (SMOLT! webmaster)  
October-ish ? ? SMOLT! was in attendance at least twice. Unfortunately, a little too much saki makes SMOLT! forget our glorious victories. There is a hazy memory of food coupons and glory..... SMOLT! wishes they could remember, sadly, this is not the case.
9/28/10 1
(of course)
$50 Full team play for the first time in almost THREE months! SMOLT!! toyed with the crowd by hanging to the rear through much of the game, never straying too far from the lead, before pouncing on First Place in the closing round. Audible gasps at the reading of the final scores, but the tie between the second and third place teams deflected the sting of battle and diffused the hatred. SMOLT! is back... and the smell of fear wafted through the Cotati Valley... Or was that smell something else?
9/21/10 2nd Food, glorious food   People had missed us, that's for sure!
July and Augustish X Manna from heaven Once the alcohol wore off, SMOLT! forgot how they did. SMOLT! is sure it was excellent!  
7/13/10 2nd      
7/6/2010 Tied for 2nd Split 2 and 3rd place prize. A gargantuan crowd of 12 teams in play; huge size of the crowd and the mathematical nightmare of competitive point spreads lead to two teams splitting second place. SMOLT webmaster doesn't remember after waiting so long to update, but its likely there was hatred.
6/29/2010 Bad, real bad. Nuthing! Ross and Christine were dipping in warmer waters and AWOL. The four remaining fish fought a valiant effort, but the lack of full-fish-force proved too overwhelming. No major errors, but the perfect number of six was proven once again... Upon witnessing SMOLT!'s reliance on ocular aids during the Graven Image Round, one competitor referred to the magnifying lens and lamp as, "Old Man's Tools" Such insolence has not been displayed since the days of former rivals Just Practicing! Fie!
6/22/2010 2 Coupons, yummy coupons!

3 Way Tie! SMOLT! team member Ross was absent from the waters, but able assist from Gene's bro & sis-in-law who performed swimmingly well! Pitched battle of unprecedented proportions leading to a three-way-tie for First place. Multiple tie-breaking questions yielded Smolty Seconds, but that's okay - we like the coupons, too!

Little booing, little hissing. SMOLT! can take it! Did get a screwed SMOLT! entry though...
6/8/2010 4 Nada! Tied for 3rd, but lost to a tie-breker. On well, we will always have Belieze. Despised? Oh yes! When SMOLT! Team Member Rick dropped off a round, he was called back by SMOLT! to discuss an answer. The rest of the bar, seeing it was dangerous to give SMOLT! a chance to change their answer, then booed Rick. Their fear was tangible.
6/1/2010 1 Ca$h!
(webmaster forgets how much)
Susan joined SMOLT! for the evening. The lead was taken rather early and maintained. SMOLT! much have done something right. When annouced the winnahs, one team gave a standing ovation while another loudly proclaimed, "Suck it, SMOLT!" Our little fish hearts swelled with glee!
5/18/2010 4/5 something Nada Starting off slow, SMOLT! was able to regain many points. But sadly, fell short. Without SMOLT! team member Ross, the music round burst into flames, fell to earth and liberally salted. None, summer is almost here and people are happy.
5/11/2010 3 Money Back 9 teams were readdyy tooooo rummbuulllle. Space was tight with more tables and chairs brought in to seat the savage crowd. SMOLT! team member Julie was tending to the fishes and was replaced by adjunct SMOLT! babs. SMOLT! started off slow, real slow. With a fabulous picture round and gettin' 6 right on the ever challenging music round (except that 70's song) SMOLT! was able to claw back up to 3rd, missing 2nd place by a mere 1.5 points, or as others have said, a single piano key. No hate, in fact thunderous applause when smaller teams of 2 or 3 did well!
5/5/2010 2 Coupon baby! SMOLT! team member ROSS was gone daddy gone, something about "camping". With only 5, SMOLT! floundered for the first few rounds, perched on the edge of doom. Making an astounding comeback with music and the always challenging last round. Trivia is gettin' popular! 8 teams showed up and ready to rumble. No hate, glowing support and love for new teams and witty quips abound the pub!
4/27/2010 6, last, whatever... Zip!

SMOLT! Team Members Gene, Rick and Ross were MIA. Replaced by the ever lovely RLT and newcomers Paul and Ann!
Many sports questions. SMOLT! technique of specialization failed when our Sports expert was out at a sports event.

No hate but towards the evening it dipped into pity.

SMOLT! takes solace in the fact that we didn't sit in a freezing AT&T Park to watch the Phillies lose... again...

4/20/2010 2 Food! Glorious food! Again, SMOLT! misses that elusive victory. So close, yet so far. SMOLT! needs to follow rule number 1 more carefully. Small yet friendly house. 4 teams fighting neck and neck. Comradely, (yet never forgetting the competition) was the theme.
4/13/2010 2

A $10.00 coupon!

No expiration date
No limits on choices!

The maiden voyage for the new location of trivia! Several well-know (dare we say infamous) teams were present. The mood was loud and jolly, food plentiful and the beer seemed never-ending. Check out the out-of-focus and dark pictures taken of the event. Not much hatred, the team that won (barely) mimed weapons of mass destruction at SMOLT!
Everyone laughed at SMOLT!'s misfortune and failure to pick out Kenny Chesney in the picture round. Will SMOLT! ever be able to answer anything country/western related?
Magic 8 Ball(tm) says "Unlikely, just give up"
3/23/10 2 Coupon redeemed that evening

Oh a sad sad day for SMOLT! and the other trivia teams.

The Black Rose is closing and this was to be the last trivia game. Spirits were somber and muted as last drinks were drunk, last Sundae Bloody Sundae consumed.

No hatred, just uncertainty of the future. Where would SMOLT! get its vast winnings now? Where?


2/16/10? 2 A coupon which all SMOLT! failed to redeem. SMOLT! webmaster forgot to update SMOLT! page and has little memory of this evening. No doubt it was neck and neck (how could it not be?) Again, little memory of the event but quite sure there was booing towards SMOLT! and a stolen victory.
2/9/10 1 75 A smaller pot but the feeling of victory is mutually exclusive to the amount. SMOLT members Julie and Ross were MIA, replaced for the evening by the elegant babs and the fabulous Liz. The name was inspired by Palin's memory jogger in speeches (see image on left) SMOLT! took a early lead and kept it though the game. As the game progressed, the announcement of SMOLTS! scores came with few boos, more in late rounds. When SMOLT! was announced the winner there was boos, a loud "DAMN!" and then thunderous clapping.
1/26/10 2 A coupon which we discovered too late does not work on desserts and "value meals" SMOLT! took and early lead only to be crushed at the last round when archenemies got a whopping 18 or 20 on the last round and smoked the rest of the pub. Official SMOLT! historian lost her notes and doesn't remember much except for the crushing feeling. A little muttering as SMOLTS! fabulous scores were read but no real hatred. Packed house again!
1/12/10 1 $134
$2 in the kitty!
SMOLT! rings in the new year by placing the staggeringly large crowd on alert: the fish are not to be trifled with. Biggest haul ever in team history. SMOLT! could win every single game just as easily, but what fun would there be in that? At the reading of the final score, there was stunned silence for a moment as the name of the victorious fish was announced, SMOLT! shows no fear by hooting at the victory followed by a smattering of respectful applause. They fear us, and rightly so.
12/22/09 4 Nothing but love! The Black Rose was packed! Not a free table in sight and people came in later (just for the drinks and ambiance!) and were forced to huddle at the bar like a pack of wild and sober animals! SMOLT! had an early lead and then tanked at the last two rounds. No major mistakes though. We shall have our revenge at the dawn of a new year! But yes there was a Screwed SMOLT!.

There was only love in the bar tonight! SMOLT! Team member John was celebrating his birthday in style! A lovely Fish hat adorns his head for the entire evening, and one team could not stop staring at our fish-garbed companion. After one round, a delicious dessert product was brought out and the entire bar sang birthday wishes to SMOLT! team member John. After the candle was extinguished, it was taken away, no doubt to be recycled for another birthday. the pub is frugal.
One team honored SMOLT! by calling themselves Christmas Mackerel! The Christmas spirit was alive and well!

12/15/09 1 94 SMOLT! team member Julie was out for the evening, so honorary SMOLT! team member Mark lent his more than capable brain. It was neck and neck as all teams valiantly worked on finding those elusive and slippery answers. SMOLT! squeaked by a victory with 1.5 points. The tavern was loud and SMOLT didn't hear the first music round song. Quizmaster S choose Christmas songs for the music rounds, graciously allowing SMOLT! the hear the most atrocious Christmas tune again. A few boos here and there. Mostly people full of good cheer. the slight exception would be when SMOLT!! was announced the winner and one team showed their response with many hand gestures. It just made taking their money that much sweeter.
12/8/09 1 54 SMOLT! team member Ross was swimming in a different stream, so good-luck fish Matt lent his insights to group. Expertly played, SMOLT! toyed with the opposition by lying in wait throughout the game and then pounced in the final two rounds, making it all look so easy by slipping by with a half-point victory. As Darth Vader would say, "All too easy." Oh yeah, baby! Big time by a certain team who were too big for the britches, i.e. penalized for too many players... Booing (good natured!) SMOLT! after every round,.. We were happy to take their money.
11/24/09 3 A Thomas Jefferson SMOLT! team member Christine was venturing in other waters, so designated triviologist Liz provided able substitution, but an early stumble in the current events round was never fully recovered. An astonishingly large crowd on a holiday week! A memorable turn as it was revealed that the Prime Minister of India is named after a popular dish! Note: Quizmaster was amusingly punchy, denying points from one team because he, "didn't like them." Many new and visiting players were confused and confounded by the fish as they rallied for a third place finish. Should come as no surprise as SMOLT! is proficient in shock & awe.
11/10/09 3 Money back SMOLT! Team member Ross was reportedly missing, with an able assist from substitute fish Matt, but the Bald Wonder (who's not so bald anymore) swept in in the closing moments of the game, just in time for the music round. Alas, it was too late, and a miss-step in the earlier rounds yielded a third place finish. The room seemed to shift it's ire over to a rival team , which seems perfectly understandable, all to the benefit of the Fortunate Fish Fraternity. We lie in wait from the depths...
11/3/09 4 Nada SMOLT! Team Members Ross, Rick and Gene were out for the evening, replaced by babs, Kathleen and Alex. SMOLT was thwarted by two elements that stopped our normal road to glory. 1. The top tables are located in the sauna, it was quite warm. 2. By a matching round, matching the actors voice with the commercials. Silly quizmaster, don't they know that SMOLT only watches documentaries on public access? Although SMOLT was loud and boisterous, there was no hatred, it was just too hot.
10/20/09 2 A bloody coupon!

It was birthday time for SMOLT!, having spawned in October of 2005, the brainy fishes are now four years old. Coincidentally, SMOLT! Team Members Christine, Rick and Ross all celebrate belly-button birthdays at this time as well! SMOLT! has it's cake and eats it, too...

Due to "work", SMOLT! was not able to arrive until the second quiz. The place was jammed packed! Quizmaster Stephen graciously read the 1st round questions to SMOLT!. FlipperClap to the Quizmaster!!!

Despised by other teams: Fierce battles for supremacy among many teams, no major mistakes, but SMOLT! may have enjoyed the cake a little too much and was outmaneuvered by arch-foe Johnny Ringo at the last minute. Let them be lulled into a sense of false security, but deep down all tremble at the mere mention of the name SMOLT!...

Note: Like the eventual fate of Fox News(tm), SMOLT! got screwed.

10/6/09 1 Money! Glorious money! The questions were so hard that SMOLT! was not able to remember any of them the following day when curious coworkers inquired about SMOLTS fabulous victory.
Quite amusing when quizmaster asked an offcolour question, well it wasn't offcolor until bar patrons made it risque. Patrons ... naughty little patrons...
When the first round scores were announced, SMOLT! was booed by entire bar. Hated? Perhaps ... Feared? Definitely.
09/22/09 Dead Last minus 1 A giant sucking sound SMOLT! was defeated by a ONE-MAN TEAM, for cryin' out loud. 'Nuff said... Met with derisive laughter, SMOLT! Team member John was a piggy and changed team name in the final round to a nondescript alias , but to no avail. Our darkest hour...
9/something/09 3rd Money Back Its always crazy in the first few weeks of school, none of the SMOLT! team members remember anything spectacular about this game. Someone always hates SMOLT!
8/26/09 1 99 big ones SMOLT! team member Julie and SMOLT! team member John were MIA. Graciously stepping to their very large shoes were Michael and newcomer Joe! The name for the evening was "I don't know Jack." Clever Clever! So clever even the quizmaster didn't know it was SMOLT! until he was handing out the big money. By then ... it was too late. SMOLT! started off slow leaping into leaping into a 5 place tie for first place in the 4th round. There was a sound of intense crushing, awe and disbelief as SMOLT! got 20 points in the last round!
8/18/09 2 A friggin' coupon We suck. People hate us.
8/11/09 2 A fabulous discount coupon SMOLT! was down two players and replaced by two of Sparky's young charges (who were surprisingly knowledgeable, particularly on current events!) - team renamed "SMOLT! Plus!" Stunned silence as disputed point counts ended in game-changing results. They loathe us...
7/28/09 2 Food, glorious food

The Battle of the Chum

After pronouncing that "Golf is a good walked spoiled", Mark Twain echoed these thoughts by noting that many times "Pub Trivia is a good drunk spoiled". Twain evoked the inherent frustrations of both games, frustrations that "Chum Bucket" felt all too acutely on this night.


With a packed house, three regular SMOLT!er's and an honored guest felt much like the 300 Spartans facing the vast Persian army of King Xerxes in "The Persian Wars". Nonetheless, Chum Bucket battled fiercely, staying within striking distance of the leaders all night. A rousing showing in the music round and the final round catapulted Chum within a fishy smell of first. Yet, first was not to be this night as the outnumbered Chum settled for second place, a mere point off the lead. Nevertheless, the Battle of the Chum will remain in Trivia lore forever.
7/22/09 $78 big ones! 1 Michael and Raye Lynn stepped in for Rick and Gene, and the team was named "La cage aux furlough". Sneaky like a fox, we waited in the brush of 3rd place, allowing the lesser teams to think they were safe, only to strike in the last round to snatch victory by 1/2 point! Our awesome knowledge base was on full display, except for the case of Michael missing the lone simpson's question. He will be sequestered in the multimedia group viewing room with the last 10 seasons until he shapes up! Some gasps of astonishment, followed by uncomfortable silence at the final result (we of course were NOT surprised), but a nice "good comeback" was said by our rivals "Pub crawling from the wreckage". And a surprising amount of SMOLT!! team member Ross voodoo dolls were found around the bar with many pins in them. However, further investigation determined they all belonged to other SMOLT! members.
6/30/09 1 90 or 100, who cares? It was a lot! It's all about the beaver pelts... Full power SMOLT! for the first time in months, all six core fish were present and in explosively dominant form. The team is a well-oiled-machine? You bet: with FISH OIL! SMOLT! was lucky to grab the last table, it was a packed house! Second place Gang Green attempted to claw its way up from the lower depths, trouncing common foe and arch nemesis Johnny Ringo, and attained a formidable second place. All envy SMOLT!
Sometime in June? Lowest of the Low Nada SMOLT! had had a hard few weeks at work and celebrated a job well done for several hours before trivia started. It was hard to write on paper and stumble our way towards the table, much less come up with an "answer." Damn you lambic! Its difficult to be despised when several SMOLT! team members insist every answer is "Tits MGee!" SMOLT! then changed's it's name for the evening to U.S.S Titerprise.
4/28/09 Who cares? Nothing Only four fish played, one being substitute fish Babs. Started off poorly, and it got worse... SMOLT! was tired but wanted to support the new quizmaster! Surely the new quizmaster was puzzled by the much vaunted SMOLT! reputation, but once the Holy Number returns to Full Force Six, he shall be awed and stupefied!
4/21/09 3 Return of entrance fee Never in the annals of trivia has mammalian hair length been so disputed. Very tight competition throughout the evening, SMOLT! being somewhat musically challenged took to the rear... SMOLT! graciously accepted third place during the hotly debated point dispute, displaying the class and aplomb for which the fish are well noted.
3/24/09 1 $126! Team was renamed Muddpuppies in honor of babs and Liz substituting for Sparky and Gene ... but everyone knew it was SMOLT! and trembled accordingly.
16 teams! So crowded it was standing room only! SMOLT! team member Julie did a fantastic job keeping score during the crazy and loud evening.
Only booed a few times as SMOLT! leapt into the lead during the picture round! Team Gang Green had an excellent 3rd place showing and graciously congratulated SMOLT!
Nemesis also congratulated SMOLT! remarking "if we had to lose, at least it was to you." We agree nemesis .. we agree.
3/10/09 2 Money off comestibles It was time for the annual wearin' of the green All-Irish Pub Quiz. SMOLT! studied mightily right up until gametime, but came up two-points shy of Orange-Men Ringo. Perhaps it was too much Beamish? No, but the Moaning' Wailing' Song didn't get played until AFTER the quiz, so SMOLT! warbled only for the lingering crowd... and they TRULY hated us...
3/3/09 2 Money off Food SMOLT! got Screwed once but it didn't make a difference. nemesis won by 5 points. Nah, people seemed in good cheer.
1/20/09 2 Free Beer It's all a haze now....  
1/13/09 1 More Wealth Than You Can Imagine + $6 in the kitty

SMOLT! started the year right with a glorious win! Johnny Ringo did comment that it was a shame SMOLT! had missed last week, 8 teams in attendance and SMOLT! would have "measly fit into Second place" At that point it was "on" and SMOLT "brought it". Also, newbie team Gangrene had a very good showing, proving SMOLT! needs to keep a watchful on on them...

Update: The correct name of the team is Gang Green. SMOLT! regrets the error.

Everyone was in pleasant and mellow spirits! ...until SMOLT! began warbling (some say "caterwauling") an Irish ditty. Many raised eyebrows...
12/23/08 2 Free Beer! Tapped out and too exhausted to write after another monster slugfest. Just lying in wait for 2009 - The year SMOLT! plays undefeated!!
12/9/08 2 Free Beer! Noting the small, intimate size of the crowd, SMOLT! strategically maneuvered itself into a more profitable 2nd Place victory; the Free Beer prize being more valuable than the 1st Place pot - bragging rights take a back seat to free alcohol, after all. A generally jovial vibe throughout the room; notable also as the first SMOLT! match overseen by Quizmaster Michael.
12/2/08 2 Free Beer! Even though 5 teams played, it was a battle royale between SMOLT! and arch nemeses Johnny Ringo. Slugging it out round for round like two great Japanese kaiju , SMOLT! was ultimately defeated by Ringo's vast knowledge of all things alcoholic in the final round. SMOLT!, being virtuous and frequenting only the purest of waters, failed in this odious line of questioning. There was a palpable ripple in the air at the announcement of the topic of the aforementioned final round category, only later discovered to be Johnny Ringo enjoying one of their many many alcoholic beverages. Oh, yes, only reaffirming, SMOLT! is despised...
11/18/08 Who cares? In this economy, irrelevant. SMOLT! Team Members Ross and Gene were MIA. Babs ably took on the duties of two fish, but once again proved that the ideal number of playahs is six. There was a self-satisfied smugness that permeated the establishment in the wake of SMOLT'S! fall. The philistines shall be smote once we return to full fish force!
10/28/08 3 Return of entrance fee SMOLT! was a little off game due to the free-flowing beer won from the previous week. As SMOLT! reclaims entrance fee, the bitterness from the depleted jackpot is palpable.
10/21/08 2 Free Beer! SMOLT! has returned! And it was FULL SMOLT!. SMOLT!'s only error (if one could call it that) was not performing our normal perfection on the music round and so slid into second place. The beer was free flowing as SMOLT! was welcomed with hugs and exclamations of glee! SMOLT! has been sorely sorely missed. Was the glee just to hide their fear? Perhaps.
5/14/08 7th Maybe? Nada SMOLT! Team Member Ross was MIA, so team swam with five fish. Oppressive heat-wave dried up waters and SMOLT! floundered in a malaise of stale Guinness and second-guessed answers. Questions a bit more difficult, but nothing out of the ordinary. Others didn't even notice us. We lie in wait - preparing to spring a devastating attack. They will hate us soon, oh yes... they will despise the name of SMOLT!
5/7/08 4th
zip SMOLT! Team Member Ross was MIA. No replacement SMOLT! this time. Not sure if SMOLT! came in 4th place, Finbar Devine is quite loud and difficult to hear the questions much less team scores. The questions were not quite as challenging as the Black Rose. No music round. No hate apparent, although a quick glance showed most teams were over 9 people. Don't they know that SMOLT! has determined 6 is the best number?
4/1/08 2 Free BEER! Notes: Sparky & Gene were out, but über-fish Babs & Liz came to the rescue. Baldy only made a token appearance and had to blow, so team was called 99 44/100% Pure SMOLT! Even underpowered, the team still squeaked by with a second place victory. All teams despised the $1 half-glasses of tap water. That fish don't swim.
3/25/08 2 Free BEER! Notes: Christine was MIA; brilliant fish Liz flippered in. Team was called SMOLT! Jambalaya. Team sunk by a horrid music "Speed Round". Publican absent so there was nothing but love in the room.
3/18/07 ALL Winners!   Black Rose was closed! We hope the publican is a-okay! Teams were cordial as we arrived at the darkened doors of the Black Rose.
2/26/07 1 I forget SMOLT! webmaster is feeling ill, will update later  
2/19/08 3 Return of entrance fee notes: Gene, Ross and Dr. Sparky were all absent. Babs stepped in and the team was called I'm Smoltin' Matt Damon. Was in the lead for the first five rounds, but self-immolated during the last two. No big whoop. Despised by other teams: At only 2/3 strength SMOLT! remained a formidable force to be reckoned with and we only let the opposition win to toy with their confidences. That's not the smell of fish, it's the smell of their fear...
1/29/08 1 74 big Ones! Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Black Rose Irish Pub sat a feisty and dangerous at-full-strength SMOLT! Stomachs growled from an infusion of SMOLT!'s unique brain food: $2 brats, sauerkraut, and beer. SMOLT! was determined not to allow this contest to slip away like the previous week's contest had, much like a wiry fish slips out of a hunters grasp. After a slow start, the brain food kicked in. The picture round was no match. The music round obliterated. The final round but a waltz into a first place tiebreaker. Luckily, Dublin Jack, full of spit and vinegar and cheap brats, channeled his full TV knowledge and easily rattled off the correct answers. SMOLT! left victorious and 3rd Street Aleworks brats everywhere became resigned to their fate. Competition was fierce (two tied scores for 1st and 3rd place!), but nothing but love in the crowd... especially when the Quizmaster declared, "I gave 'head' to 'Your Mom'."
1/22/08 2 Free Beer! Gene was MIA, no substitute and the team name of Plint! SMOLT! faulted in the last round and lost its normal first place.
1/15/08 2 Free Beer John (SMOLT! spouse) substituted for wayward married trout. Name of team for the evening Mudpuppies. Discovered towards end of evening, other teams were not aware that Mudpuppies were in fact SMOLT! and therefore did not know to fear/hate SMOLT!
12/18/07 1 60 big ones! SMOLT! took an early lead on Christmas Themed quiz and was able to maintain it. Even in the last round there was a 10 point bonus opportunity.

One team that fled in terror at the mere mention of the name "SMOLT!"

There was nothing but love in the house, but the quizmaster still deducted points for the spirited behavior of SMOLT!

12/11/07 2 Free Lambic!

For 4 rounds, SMOLT! languished in last place, but like the legendary Phoenix, SMOLT! rose up from the slough of despondency and was reborn in the last 3 rounds. This resurrected SMOLT! quickly stormed forth and captured a wicked 2nd place finish. And there was much rejoicing...


Team member Ross was entreated with a defiled beverage, though not technically despised. Polite cheering in the spirit of the Season.
11/20/07 4 Nada SMOLT! Team member Julie was MIA; Babs stood in and name for the evening was mispronounced "Smoltsgiving Day". After a strong opening two rounds, SMOLT! must have been concentrating on turkey, because the team fell apart. Team member Ross was literally climbing the walls to harass others... Notable: Team member Sparky never once asked for the spelling of a question! There was a air of smug pleasure when SMOLT! did not even place in the prize levels, and Quizmaster Publican had to chastise the team for the overall antic disposition of the Team.
11/06/07 2 Free Beer! SMOLT! Team member Ross was MIA; Quizmaster Michael stood in and name for the evening was mispronounced "Sexes and Sevens". No major mishaps, just a lot of head scratching. With a competition this difficult, the teams noticeably banded together against the publican/quizmaster. There was much throwing up of hands in disgust as the low scores were tallied. Many cheers for newbies slobberknockers.
10/30/07 2 Free Beer! No major mishaps. Dublin Jack was MIA, so name for the evening was Sixes and Sevens (smolt style!). Missed 1st by a single point. Not really. It was SMOLT! team Member Ross b-day. Waitstaff brought out a flaming cake just as the final points were revealed and entire bar sang to SMOLT! Team member Ross.
10/23/07 3 Return of entrance Fee SMOLT! Team Members Gene and Capt. Sparky were away on business, and Ross was kidnapped by the mutant slave girls of Mara Tàu. Babs and Raye Lynn ably stepped in, but all was for naught. An impossible matching round and daunting queries beyond all human and equine comprehension left the competitors with appallingly low scores. SMOLT! barely eked out a third-place finish. All the head-scratching allowed little opportunity for inter-team rivalries and hatreds to burble up. Everybody's heads hurt, rectified only by the well-documented medicinal properties of Beemish!
10/16/07 3 Return of entrance Fee After almost a months absence, full SMOLT! returned. Sadly SMOLT! did not start with its usual STELLAR performance. Fumbling with a round that dealt with "car parts" SMOLT! tumbled into 6th place (out of 6 teams). SMOLT! is green baby!. .. and knows little about the innards of "cars".
SMOLT! genius prevailed though and slowly SMOLT! edged its way back up snatching third place from an unsuspecting team!

Despised no... Missed and then pity filled the pub.

Publican declined to serve anything but water to SMOLT! His snubs and then gentle ribbing might have been contributed to the shorthanded pub and the very busy publican, but SMOLT! likes to think it was because said publican missed SMOLT!

9/18/07 1 57$
$5.00 in the kitty!

Full SMOLT! attendance. SMOLT! took the lead early and kept it, winning by a full 4 points! Quiz Master was ashamed that SMOLT! scored a 12 out of 12 on matching Game Show hosts and their shows. He plaintively wailed,

My oh my what is our education system coming to when librarians and teachers know this ...

SMOLT! will tell you where


Not really. Everyone seemed in good spirits. Much hilarity, in fact the Quiz Master had to stop to regain his composure when none of the teams knew the answer to "Who was Smoky the Bears companion *". Hating a blank page the clever quiz-takers creatively added new literary figures that could have been friends with Smoky the Bear, these included

  • Sam the Squirrel
  • Bob the Badger
  • Hooty the Owl
  • Smolts personal favorite Ranger Rick

* Goldie was Smoky's special friend

9/4/07 1 $58/$4 in the kitty FULL! SMOLT!! POWER!!! A titanic battle royalé worthy of Godzilla vs. Chuck Norris! A slugfest round by round with formidable opponents, Johnny Ringo, resulted in blood in the streets, damage to local buildings, dogs & cats living together, and the death of one entire trivia team. Of course, the forces of the fish, emboldened by the weekend's nuptial celebration, prevailed. One team abandoned the game before Round 7 (it sounds cooler if we said they died, but they didn't). As they sat near SMOLT!, they were no doubt dazzled by our greatness and left the building early knowing that their cause was futile.
8/28/07 3 Return of entrance fee SMOLT! Team Member Christine was off getting herself hitched, so Brandon kindly stepped in for her; team renamed GrandMaster B and the Furious Fish. No major missteps except for music round, which was chronologically challenging. Not much animosity in the room, except by other third place team. SMOLT! knows it's Elvis tie-breakers, and left the building... with cash in hand...
8/21/07 2 Free Beer!

SMOLT! started in 2nd place and pretty much stayed there. "Other Team" got all 10 on the last round. SMOLT! shows fantastic sportsmanship and applauded loudly.

More Important Note

Publican graciously presented SMOLT! Team Member Christine with a lovely Black Rose Irish Pub gift certificate in celebration of upcoming nuptials. It was very thoughtful and SMOLT! members were quite touched.

Not really. Everyone seem to lose the awesome power of math that evening but no targeted hatred.

J.P had to leave in the middle of the game. They were not that many points behind, SMOLT! is worried for the poor fellas.

7/31/07 1 78 plus doling out of the kitty After a three-week absence, full SMOLT! power was turned up to Level 11. Took the lead by Round 3 and never looked back. Minor grumbling from some participants, and the SMOLT! supply satchel was even pilfered at one point, but returned by the kindly game-master. The bar crowd cheered at the SMOLT! victory; even barflies recognize greatness through the bleary eyes of Guinness...
7/11/07 2
Screwed Entry
Free Beer! Full SMOLT! power as all team players return for a one-week only special Summer appearance. Like a stellar convergence, we are a force to be reckoned with, missing victory by a mere three points. SMOLT! Team was given invitations for upcoming SMOLT! team member wedding.
Team also invited to publican's B&B in Ireland for an unrestricted supply of free Beamish...
A certain nameless team delivered hand drawn images (scrawled by a child, no less!) that clearly indicated their fear of SMOLT! It was only fitting that SMOLT! correct grammatical errors and reply with another graven image.
7/03/07 1 $110 SMOLT! team members Julie and Ross were MIA, babs and Michael heroically stepped in; the valiant team was called Star Spangled SMOLT!. Of the top 4 teams, only SMOLT! had 6 members, the others felt the need to have at least 8. Sadly it did not help them. Victory was almost snatched away by a 1 point scoring error on the crucial last round. After a thorough investigation it was determined that SMOLT! was being swindled once again. Luckily, justice prevailed and SMOLT! received its 1 point, securing victory by 1/2 a point. Just Practicing™ retreated like frightened Redcoats. Much grumbling over the final scores, and muted applause for the victors. Noted philosopher Carl Spackler once said, "There won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." Well, we have total consciousness AND the biggest prize haul ever! All who play know they are outclassed, outwitted, and outSmolted! We are despised...
6/26/07 3 Return of entrance fee Julie and Christine were MIA, John (a SMOLT! fiance) and Michael graciously stepped in; the testosterone-heavy team was renamed Live and Let SMOLT! in honor of the manliest of men, James Bond. A bitter war of nerves between SMOLT! and a junior team soon emerged. Over the course of the game the two teams literally ran neck and neck, ending each round with the identical score. Ultimately, though, justice prevailed and the inferior team was penalized for playing with an excessive number of players. A derailed Just Practicing™ attempted to shout down SMOLT! at games end, but SMOLT! team player Ross proved a mighty force to be reckoned with. They fear us, and rightly so...
6/19/07 Tied for 1st $26.00 and beer! Although missing SeÑor Roca, AKA Juan de la Dublin, SMOLT! nonetheless sallied forth into battle with the more than able skills of super-sub, Babs de la technological de información. The selected nombre de la plume for the evening was, "Who died and made you SMOLT!." SMOLT!, again utilizing the ever successful "rope a dope" strategy, allowed the other teams to jet out to an early lead, thereby exhausting their mental faculties for the ever critical final two rounds. In the end, SMOLT! had to settle for a tie with the infamous "Hombres Barbudos". SMOLT!'s true victory was ultimately snatched away due to some beguiling chichis and a cat with firecrackers up its ass. As the Hombres departed with their fortunate tie in hand, they commented, "You know, the best team almost won." SMOLT! wholeheartedly agrees! oh yes.
6/12/07 1 $58.00!

SMOLT! at full power dazzled the crowd. The Quizmaster acknowledged the event by addressing the team as Classic SMOLT! Exceptional levels of knowledge were displayed in all areas again illustrating that SMOLT! is a balanced and well-oiled machine of triviality.

Renaissance SMOLT!, undeterred by threats of eternal hellfire, used what many might regard as sacrilegious reasoning to deduce that Pope John Paul II was obviously a goalkeeper for his Polish amateur soccer team because he, of course, never scored. (and of course kept other people from scoring.)

Sparse applause and the rapid exit of competition indicated not only that they despise us . . . they fear us. SMOLT! celebrated after game with round of photos and a ride on the SmoltCorp's experimental jet-propelled water-flume. Waaaay cooler than a cheesy roller coaster . . .(It should be noted that rival Just Practicing barely eked out 3rd place.)
6/6/07 2
Screwed Entry
Free Beer!

SMOLT! team member Julie was ill, so in her honor (and absence) the team name was Mudpuppies.

Quizmaster erroneously mispronounced team name as Buttpuppies

No booing. Crowd was frisky this evening. Music round lacked anything from the past 2 3 decades. Rival team lacked members and was not performing to their usual standards. As they fell lower, one of the team members commented they, "tasted the bile in their throats and thought it was sweet." SMOLT! felt sympathy for the little team.
5/22/07 2 Free Beer! SMOLT! team members Gene and Ross were MIA. Brett graciously joined us, making it a first time SMOLT! was all SSU peeps. Name for the evening SMOLT! Reloaded. Nice and mellow evening, but that could just be the iambic talking. Arriving later we sat at a new table, which upset neighboring team. We missed first by a mere 1.5 points, but there were no major mistakes. We did surprisingly well on the music round considering large amount of top 40 crap music.
5/8/07 3
(Average 2.409)
Return of entrance Fee Team name was Publican Smoltin' Pride. SMOLT! Team member Ross was absent, leaving SMOLT! at 5 members. although forewarned, SMOLT! will go on a fact-finding mission to determine reason for absence if only to annoy SMOLT team member Ross. Pub was very crowded. SMOLT! only got one on the hated matching round. Publican teased SMOLT!'s low score. SMOLT! Team member Christine sassed back at Publican. However no points were deducted from SMOLT! for said sassyness.
5/1/07 1 $42! Full SMOLT! It was a tiebreaker at the end, but SMOLT! prevailed. Several times SMOLT! team members were able to pull the correct answers "out of their hinny". When SMOLT! got one answer right and was praised by the Quizmaster, there was a hiss from the peanut gallery. IS SMOLT! despised? Or is it a cold tingle of Terror? It only fueled SMOLTS! desire to WIn!
4/24/07 3 Return of entrance Fee Full SMOLT! There was a "sniff of annoyance" when the SMOLT! name was gleefully announced at the start the of game. Proving indeed, SMOLT is still despised.
4/17/07 2 Free Beer! Full SMOLT! attendance! As SMOLT! fiance has said "you are over the slump." A few detractor comments and hissings were heard but nothing major. It was determined that Quizmaster was providing one SMOLT! team member the picture round sheet before SMOLT! was over the previous round. This is against Commandment 6, yet pro Commandment 9. This will take some thoughts and perhaps revising of said commandments. (and punishment of rebelling SMOLT! team member)
4/10/07 2 Free Beer! Rick, Gene, and Christine were all out with scurvy. Raye Lynn, John (a SMOLT! fiance), and Ross' former Roommate from So.Cal. SMOLT! flaps it way back into form by squeezing into 2nd place by a mere 1.5 pts. Temporary name: The SMOLT! That Dares Not Speak Its Name. Point deduction for Ross' misbehavior, cheered on by crowd. Low scoring round was also cheered by competitors; proof that they fear our comeback.
4/03/07 5/6/7 whatever 0 SMOLT! again was suckdillyucked. Rick and Gene were out and graciously replaced by babs and John (SMOLT! fiance). Several times SMOLT! had the correct answer and chose the wrong (sucky) answer. Name for the evening Erin Go SMOLT! N, in fact looks of pity were bestone upon our SMOLT!y appendages. Although praises were lavished on SMOLT! website and creative graphics. (Which does not finished the suck-ness of SMOLT! this evening). SMOLT! shall rebound!
3/20/07 5 0 SMOLT! was suckdillyuck last night. At least 6 times SMOLT had the right answer at one point and switched to the wrong one (while still following SMOLT! commandment #3) N, one team even asked as they were leaving, "where are you guys?" indicating they have noticed SMOLT! previously mentioned suckatude.
3/13/07 2 Free Beer! There was about 7 teams, good moods everywhere. SMOLT! voted on several answers the wrong way but it would not have made a difference. SMOLT! was confused by pronunciation of 'decade' but again, would not have made a difference in placement. N. SMOLT! again proved sportsmanship by clapping graciously for the winners. Even in defeat SMOLT! is victorious!
3/6/07 2 Free Beer! The pub was about 3/4 full and everyone seems to be in jolly moods. No major mistakes. SMOLT! proved that graciousness is one of the many talents, when clapping the team that narrowly defeated SMOLT! N. Even as SMOLT! only came on 2nd place, one team commented that we need to lose occasionally. This indicates indeed that SMOLT! is feared. (As well as gracious)
2/13/07 1 $79 dollars. $2 in the kitty. Kitty total currently $4 Pretty crowded. SMOLT! was accompanied by out-of-towner Joe. Name for the evening was "SMOLT!s your daddy". Which was ironic, when another team named themselves "Whose your daddy?" Y. When SMOLT! was announced the winner there was a rather stunned silence and no clapping. One team was in 3rd place because of 5pt penalty. 2nd place team felt they had answered a question correctly, which if the quizmaster has agreed, would have tied for first. SMOLT! stayed out of argument and quizmaster pronounced judgment. At least one team despised SMOLT!
1/30/07 2 Free BEER Nice crowd. No major mistakes. SMOLT! argued a great deal over gender of a singer, when no matter what the gender, SMOLT! did not have the name. Further investigation and photographic evidence of singer Lucinda Williams did not convince the 3 SMOLT! team members of her femininity. It was argued, "That's a man, baby!" Teams seem to get along very well. SMOLT! team member Ross was reprimanded by Publican.
1/23/07 1 $80/2 in the kitty Again, a crowded house. Only 9 teams but some teams were quite large. Everyone seemed in good spirits. Happy and boisterous mood in the pub. SMOLT! took an early lead and was able to win by 6 points. Gene and Christine came up the definition of onomastics, the study of names. John successfully argued mightily for Lactometer, an instrument used in testing the richness of milk.
1/16/07 5 $0 Very crowded house - 11 teams! Rick, Gene and Julie were MIA. Michael and Raye Lynn graciously stepped in. Name for the evening Flash Frozen SMOLT! It was extremely cold, perhaps a reason for the large and boisterous crowd.

Although we came in 5th, 10 pts behind 1st, 1 pt behind 3rd, SMOLT! did pretty well. Theory that 6 is the perfect number for trivia again given weight. Extraordinary large amount of geography questions, but SMOLT! does not blame SMOLT! team member Rick for not being there.

SMOLT! team member John adds:Flaming Tiger Millionaires displayed un sportsmanlike behavior, much like an odious fish monger.

1/2/07 1 $63 SMOLT! Punked! More details. Also request to update the 10 commandments for new year. Uncertain. Will know more next week.
12/19/06 3 Return of entrance fee Notes: Last game of the year, big crowd with 7 teams competing. All Christmas oriented questions. Christine & Julie unavailable: team renamed Farty Far SMOLT! Crystals. Publican un amused by team name, graded harshly. In the spirit of the season, other teams rushed to SMOLT!'s defense during picture round grading - warm fuzzy feeling all around. Or was that the beer?
12/5/06 2 Free BEER! After a long long time, the original SMOLT! was united. Not really. One team was very very large yet only came in 3rd. Furthering SMOLT! theory that 6 is a perfect number.
11/28/06 1 $44 7 teams, excellent first 2 rounds, tanked mid-game dropping to 4th place, but a nearly perfect final round with extra points assured victory. Alan Jackson re-emerged as reliable stand-by answer. Two key members missing: Christine out ill, Ross MIA; in the spirit of the season, team renamed Kwanzmolt! Publican delighted by SMOLT!'s return, competition fierce; game-master noted that 6 of the 7 teams were seasoned pros (that is, this is like "Ohio State vs. Michigan" the top 2 college football teams in the nation). Distinct odor from kitchen of fried fish ordered by opposition failed to intimidate. Newbie team "Montgomery" offered congratulations by slapping fins. Smug non-"yeller" SMOLT! left the building.
11/7/06 3 Return of entrance fee About 8 teams, it was neck and neck, we were crushed by the majority of c/W tunes during the music round. Damn thee Alan Jackson! Not really. One of two hisses from the peanut galley. John was sadly absent and babs gracefully took his place. IN honor of election day, we were Vote SMOLT!
10/31/06 1 $36 A sparse bar but that didn't stop SMOLT! from crushing the worthy opponents! 2nd highest score for SMOLT! 75.5., indeed team smoking hot. Name this time was FrankinSCHMOLT!
10/17/06 2 Free Beer! Rick and Gene were MIA, babs and John (a SMOLT! fiance) graciously stepped in. Name: 2 Johns-a-SMOLT!in' No real hatred this time. One team even smiled in our general direction. Lost by a mere point. Publician requested Ross getting kicked picture, we obliged.
10/10/06 3 Return of entrance fee After several months SMOLT! original members were present and accounted for. No really despised, more curious. SMOLT did very poorly in the first 5 rounds, trailing almost last by more that 8 points. SMOLT! made up for it in last two rounds, missing 1st place by 2 points! they learned that SMOLT is still to be feared.
09/26/06 4/5 0/0 Friends of SMOLT! visited and therefore SMOLT was divided into two teams. A single team would not have been fair to the other pub patrons. Not really despised, more likely confused by lack of SMOLT! yet SMOLT! was there. SMOLT! publicist was out of town after game and neglected to update SMOLT!
09/18/06 4 0 Gene was MIA so the name tonight was Jolly SMOLT!. Missed by 1 pt. Theory that SMOLT! must have 6 members to win is further quantified. Dead Last was actually the winner tonight! We chatted with then before, during and after the game with no apparent hatred or distaste.
09/12/06 3 Return of entrance fee Trailing by many many points. SMOLT! was able to squeak to 3rd with the last two rounds. General distaste but no massive hatred. Deducted 10 points because Ross was late. General aura of ennui.
08/29/06 1 $58, 4 into the kitty Trailing until round 6 (Music). Won by 3 points. No major mishaps. Anne stepped in for Gene. Team name was Smoltaphobia. A few boos. Points deducted for Ross being late and just being Ross. One team was sitting in our regular spot. We were gracious about it. Were given very cool looks as we victoriously exited the pub.
08/22/06 2 Free Beer Missed by 2 questions. But no major mishaps because SMOLT! commandments were followed. Booed by a former LTS student assistant and her cronies. Other than a few sneers, other teams were quiet. Publican reprimanded Ross a few times.
08/08/06 1 $82 emptied the kitty divided the pot equally. Michael and babs stepped in for Rick and Gene. Team name was MotherEffing SMOLT! on a MotherEffing Plane! Others teams not pleased to see our return. Unconfirmed rumour that 3rd place (This time called Long Overdue) cried. A few boos and penalties for our (Ross) behavior. Behind in all rounds but edged ahead last round by .5 pt. John had obsession about Lassies's boy Timmy, we talked him down.
07/11/06 1 $92 Michael and Greg stepped in for Julie and Ross.
Team was temporarily given the same Smells Like Teen SMOLT!
Laughter and taunting as we bombed 1st round. Boos and general distaste once we leapt ahead after the 3rd round. Even a yelp of dismay. We stayed in 1st place but by a thin thin margin.
06/27/06 2 Free Beer babs substituted for Julie
Team was temporarily given the name Eau de SMOLT!
General feeling of unease but no real hatred. Exception: 3rd place, who were angry they were in our shadow (as usual).
06/13/06 6 Nothing, nada, zip Lost by a great amount of points, outplayed but no major mistakes. Y- Deducted 5 points because Ross was late. Crowd cheered, indicated current and lasting hatred.
06/06/06 3 Return of entrance fee Cocktails now served! Yum cosmo's! Lost 1st by 1 pt, tied for 2nd, lost tie-breaker question. Y - Booed at the team introduction. They fear us.
05/30/06 1 $70 babs substituted for Ross
Team was temporarily given the name
7 1/2 lb Perch.
05/16/06 2 Free Beer Pub owner disagreed with a few of the commandments. Y - One team text-messaged with "SMOLT Sucks!" We defeated them. Again.

Molt -- Refers to the salmonid or trout developmental life stage between parr and adult, when the juvenile is at least one year old and has adapted to the marine environment. An alternative meaning is a kickass trivia team.