SMOLT! Commandments

  1. Thou shalt almost always go with your first answer.
  2. In questions of numbers, the difference shall be torn asunder.
  3. In all things, the majority rules. This do in honor of SMOLT!
  4. Thou shalt keep the 3rd law holy by not running to the restroom.
  5. Thou shalt not observe the grading of the Holy Answers.
  6. Thou shall not observe the graven images before the appointed hour.
  7. Thou shalt not take SMOLT!'s name in vain.
  8. When in doubt, call upon SMOLT! and one of the answers, Kenny Chesney, Khyber Pass or Manchester United shall be given unto thee
  9. Thou shalt heed the voices of the QUIZMASTERS.
  10. Thou shalt not be paranoid. They are not out to get thee.


SMOLT!'s cousin trivia team can be found at Aqus Cafe in Petalum. Aqus Café’s legendary ‘Trivia with Lesley’ night, taking place every third Thursday of the month from 7 pm to 9 pm.


SPRAT! Statistics
Date Place $ Prize Notes Despised by other teams
10/20/11 2 13 The sophomore Sprat! outing showed a more confident team than the first time, now that we are more familiar with the pace and structure of the Aqus Quiz. Sprat! handily mastered most of the quiz questions (winning an additional two inter-round prizes!), but fell apart in the music round. Team consisted of Liz, Darren, John, Sheila, Aidan, and our secret weapon: Baby Nula distracted the other teams with her charisma. Quiz Mistress Leslie overrode protocol as Sprat! had half as many players as the First Place team; the winning pot was divided evenly between the top two teams. Surely this will engender enmity amongst the ranks towards SPRAT! For now, we received compliments in victory... soon they will dread our name... Oh, yes... and fear us.
09/22/11 2 Braggin rights!

Sprat!, the newborn team for Aqus Café’s once-a-month trivia contest, swam strongly after learning the ways of the quiz mistress, Leslie. A super brief time for team decision making in Round 1 left us briefly agape. We quickly recovered and to our surprise, finished in 2nd place. Team consisted of team consisted of John, Darren, Dawnelle, Raye Lynn, and Liz

Everyone seemed mellow, quiz master was firm yet kind.

This quiz included multiple prizes [bottles of wine, t-shirts] for single questions answered by individuals in between rounds. No consolation prizes. 10 or 11 teams, many regulars well known to Leslie. Soon, soon they will know SPRAT!

Molt -- Refers to the salmonid or trout developmental life stage between parr and adult, when the juvenile is at least one year old and has adapted to the marine environment. An alternative meaning is a kickass trivia team.